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Fountain Family Artists have been working together to create Recycled Art for many years. It all started when Tamara drug a car hood in from the scrap pile years ago. Her late husband did hobby restoration of classic cars, so she was used to being around a plasma cutter, welder and auto body tools. She knew what she had to do. Use those tools to make art! Pretty soon the whole family was working together creating what became the family business. Lots of things have grown and changed through the years, but Tamara is still dragging pieces of tired metal in from the scrap yard then molesting and molding it into Art. The shop is always a mess. Her hands are always scraped and burned and the music is always loud, but she still loves it!

During the quieter moments, Tamara creates jewelry from mostly recycled materials, as well. You'll see many different incarnations of her creative juices at GeminiDragonfly. Tamara's daughter, McKenzie, creates some of the jewelry, also and some of the fairy designs she drew as a child are still turned into garden art pieces by Tamara even now, nearly 20 years later!  Recently, the two have collaborated on clothing designs from recycled textiles, too.  

Tamara's inspiration and creative energy is always changing, so check in often. You never know what she'll decide to bring to life next!

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